Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Flaming June?

Poppy 'Fluffy Raffles'
Well the weather might not be flaming yet but the flowers certainly are. Hot reds are appering all around the garden adding heat to the flower beds.


For me red in the garden is a mixed blessing. I am red/green colour blind which means that although I still see Red and Green i find it had to distinguish them apart at a distance, often we will be driving and Sharron will say that the poppies in a field or the blossom on a tree looks great and I haven't a clue what she is talking about.


The Pelagoniums in my urn's are looking great, some of these are from cuttings I took last year and some are new plants. hopefully they will keep flowering all summer.


The Sweetpeas I have growing up the legs of our gazebo are all breaking into flower, they are also filling the air with a wonderful scent.

These poppies are self seeded and growing in the wildflower bed, wonderful vibrant red, such a strong colour for such a delicate bloom which only lasts a day or so.

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