Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Blow the wind southerly

Well yesterday was exciting we had a strong southerly wind sweeping across the garden with the occasional very strong gust (or gussock as they are known in these parts) realy moving the trees around.

Elsewhere in the garden this clematis is in flower hiding under a huge climbing rose (Bobby James) which has completely engulfed my potting shed. I can't remember which clematis it is, in fact I don't actually remember planting it.

Although it was windy it was quite mild with the occasional smither of rain, so I planted out 5 tomato plants I had bought for 20p each from a stall outside a house in the next village. I have given up growing them under glass as we have been plagued by blight for the last few years. I have put these in the herb garden quite spaced out so hopefully a good airflow around them will keep the fungus at bay.

And in the alpine house this alpine aster Aster alpinus 'Golith'
is in flower.

It's a lovely little plant only a couple of inches high.

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