Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A plague

We have been suffering a plague of flies this year, I thought it was just around here but my brother who lives down on the South Coast says it's been bad down there. It is quite fun to watch Boris try and catch them as they land on him, the cats chase after them as well.

My neighbours tell me that this was a common problem in the village in the past. The village is a medieval ring village, which means that the houses were built in a ring around an open area. Until recently (thankful before we moved here) this area contained a pig farm. Apparently it was impossible to open your windows at times due to the flies!


  1. Flies tend not to like lavendar. If you hang a bunch by the door it will deter them from entering. Well it works for me! Val

  2. Strange!

    I have seen more flies this year but wouldn't say it was a plague... I hope you manage to stop them, Val's suggestion sounds like a good plan :)

  3. We buy fly catchers (a bag that can be hung, filled with powder, which when combined with water makes a foul smell the flies like) and hang them at various places around the property (not near windows or doors because of the smell). They are quite effective at attracting the flies to them and away from the house. If flies make it inside a good, old-fashioned metal mesh fly swatter is best. Terro makes a great one, but I am not sure if they sell them in the U.K.


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