Thursday, 5 February 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Well we missed out on the snow at the start of the week with only a light dusting, but today...!
After a failed attempt to drive down to the station which ended with us being pulled back onto the road by a 4x4 I went out to take some pictures.

I found this Acconite poking throught the snow.

my broad beans should be nice and safe under the frames I put over them to stop the pigeons.

We took Boris out for a walk, he likes to lay in wait and ambush us, unfortunately he doesn't understand the concept of Camouflage.

This was the view along the lane looking back towards our house.

And this is a view of one of the oldest houses (actually an ex-pub).

Finally a view down the fields towards St Ives.

All very pretty but hopefully it won't stay to long!


  1. Yes, it is pretty:) It doesn't look like too much, but when you're not used to it, it slows things down a whole lot! Must have been quite a bit of excitement when you got stuck-good thing you're ok. Boris looks puzzled! All the photos are beautiful.

  2. Oh, the aconite looks so lovely (and brave) peeking through the snow. They won't grow for me (they dislike my wet clay and cold wet springs) so I really enjoy seeing them elsewhere.

  3. We had a foot of snow in December. It was beautiful! Then it killed some plants and I wanted it to melt. Now, looking at your pictures, I want snow again!

  4. Oh that's so pretty! Hope you're staying warm. Love the shot of the wheel barrow with the patch of green grass underneath.

  5. I love all your pictures. Boris looked like he enjoyed the snow!


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