Tuesday, 26 May 2015

 I realised after some prompting from a fellow blogger that it has been an awfully long time since last updated this blog, no excuses I am just lazy. Anyway it does mean I have lots to talk about.

over the last couple of years I have been remodeling the garden to become more wildlife friendly and a more relaxing place to sit and relax.
 To achieve this I have created a wildflower area of approximately 100 sq feet. This has taken a lot of management (ironic that!) as in the first year it was dominated by thistles which in turn self seeded, this has resulted in a lot of weeding this spring to reduce the number.
As you can see I have placed various benches an seats around the garden, as the bed grows up these become more isolated in their own little spaces.

The aim is that if sit on a bench you will be almost hidden from the others, this worked last year with the 8 ft high thistles but hopefully the effect will be more gentle this year.

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