Monday, 25 January 2010

Sorry, sorry. A bit of gardening and tracing my roots

Sorry, I have been failing in my duty to keep this blog updated over the last few weeks, to be honest it has been a combination of not much to say and that I have been really busy with work. I normally write the blog when I have gaps during the day, but people just keep sending me things to do!

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to talk about the garden as this is what this blog is meant to be about. I actually managed to get out there and have a look about and do a little bit of work now the ice and snow have gone. The aftermath of the winter weather and the rain over the last week have reduced most of the garden to a sticky mess but things are growing.

The first shoots of Rhubarb are starting to show, I have covered a couple of crowns with large pots to force them, I don't normally bother but I am already craving my first crumble of the year.

The garlic also braved the snow and is looking good.

The broad beans took a bit of a knock but will recover and should give us an early crop.

My sweetpea's are doing well, I am planning to use a lot of them in the garden this year. In the past I have grown specific colours but these are a mixture of self collected seeds and ones that I found laying around in my seed box so it will be fun to see what we get.

The Wood Anemones are in flower and I saw loads of snowdrops over the weekend, spring is on the way.

We spent the weekend with friends in a cottage we rented near Beccles in Suffolk. We had Boris with us and their ridgeback Becca, We all had a great time, especially the dogs, beaches,mud, ditches and a ford, dog heaven. As I am writing this he is curled up on the sofa with a 'Let sleeping dogs lie' look to him. on the way home Sharron and I stopped to explore Beccles, it a lovely town full of wonderful old buildings. This was not the main reason for my visit, any of you that have been reading my blog since the beginning will have seen this photo of my great grandfather in his green house. He was a gardener and florist in Beccles and we went to see his house, where my grandmother ( standing at the front ) was brought up.

I had never been to the town before and it meant a lot to me to finally see it. I always remember the little picture of St Micheal's church on the wall in my grandmothers flat, the church where they were she was married, it was really special to walk throught the churchyard and know that they were there 89 years ago. I plan to go back when the weather is better and take loads of pictures.


  1. We are in a winter ice storm right now. It was wonderful to see you photos of SPRING. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Bonnie, I hope the storm passes quickly, I am sure spring will reach you soon.


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