Thursday, 28 January 2010

A benefits of Chickens, Organic eggs and a couple of New start.

This is Bianca our white leghorn hen. She and her two partners are great and have been giving us a regular supply of eggs all through the winter. However it's not eggs that are the only useful product that chickens provide, look at that lovely black stuff on the floor in front of her! The waste is excellent for the garden and as our hens are fed organically it is perfect for the veg patch. It is important that you either compost it for a while or do what I do and dilute it in a bucket of water before you use it. The hens actually have the run of the fruit cage so a lot of the waste goes directly around the raspberries and other soft fruit.

If like me you are concerned about animal welfare and the food you eat please be aware of this. Organic eggs do NOT always come from freerange birds. It is quite common for Organic eggs to be produced by caged (battery farmed) birds fed on organic food. Please always make sure that if you are buying eggs check that they are freerange as well as organic.

This week we had our first proper meeting of 'Natural Woodhurst' the group that has replaced the 'Village in Bloom" group. It was a really productive meeting and we have lots of projects planned some of which we will need grants to complete. I have a new role as editor of the new newsletter we are going to produce, apart from news I hope to include some natural history notes in it to make people more aware of what is going on around the village.

I have started updating my other blog again this week after a long and unforgivable break.
Painting with light is where I show some of my favourite images, it doesn't have an overall theme but occasionally I will group related photos together.


  1. Ooh, that black gold would be so welcomed in my garden! Thank you Gary for the clarification about organic eggs.

  2. Tatyana, It is great stuff, I am using it to revitalise the beds in the greenhouse at the moment.

    A friend of Sharron's has just given a home to some 'retired' organic farm hens, they were in a terrible condition, it's really sad how some animals are treated.


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