Monday, 28 September 2009

Boris Becka and a Fig tree.

Our friends Lesley and Paul came to stay over the weekend and they brought us a present a fig tree Ficus carica 'Black necked lady' which I have planted in a nice spot sheltered from the northwind and with a good sunny view to the south. I have made sure that I have restricted the roots as I have been advised that this will help promote fruiting.

One of the reasons they came to visit was to leave their dog with us while they have some building work done. As regular readers will know, and indeed some have met we have Boris a Ridgeback Mastiff cross, well lesley and Paul liked him so much they got Becka a female Ridgeback and as you can see she has settled in well.

What you can't see in the photo is Sharron who was trying to eat at the time so this is their 'What about me? I am a poor starving dog' pose. Oh and yes I did feel a right idiot when we took them for a walk last evening shouting "here Boris Becka' !