Thursday, 17 March 2011

Some colour at last.

After what has seemed a long cold winter the garden is at last coming to life. The Hellebores that I transplanted last year to a position at the base of our walnut are looking magnificent, it is worth living all year with their untidy foliage for the display of colour in the spring.

Another star of the spring garden are these violets. Again I have been transplanting them around the garden, these are around the base of a dogwood and remain hidden for most of the year. I have a few I have picked on the windowsill in my office just for the delicate scent.

Of course the champion of spring colour must be the daffs and narcisi, I have planted these all around the garden and left them to naturalise.

The glorious weather last weekend actually allowed us to have a lunch in the garden, and allowed me to cut the lawn for the second time this year. It feels like I am beginning to get on top of the garden at last, over the winter I have been stuck indoors knowing what needed to be done but unable to do it due to the frozen ground and the bad weather. The other nice thing this year is we haven't got any major events like big birthdays so we aren't planning any big garden parties. This means I can start to develop my planting etc without the pressure to get the garden ready for a target, such as a splash of colour in early July.