Monday, 9 November 2015

November jobs

I haven't been able to do a lot in the garden in the last few weeks which is why there have been a lack of posts. This has largely been due to the weather or other commitments, but this weekend despite the rain I had to get out there, if not for the sake of the garden but for my own sanity, now the clocks have changed the short days are not good for me.

My first job was one I had been looking forward to all year, using the leaf mould I started making a year ago. The 2 large builders sacks I filled last autumn had broken down to the amount in the picture. The resulting material was a lovely black friable material and the was plenty to mulch the main flowerbed. 

Hopefully this will become incorporated into the soil be worms and help to improve it's structure from the heavy clay it is now. I have already started next years batch and am even taking leaves from next doors garden to boost my yield.

I actually spent most of the weekend on another project, preparing the area I am planning to use as an Apiary next year. I needed to screen of the area for a couple of reasons. Firstly to prevent the dogs from getting to the bees, for obvious reasons, the other is that by putting a screen around the hives if forces the bees to fly up and over the hedge into the meadow behind the garden (at least that's the theory). I used a brushwood screen as it's a solid barrier and it blends in well in the garden. The next job will be to sow the area with wild flower seeds and the get the hives.

The other thing I have been doing over the last few weeks is working on anew blog, Nature lovers,really?
I decided that I needed a space away from this blog where I could express my views on conservation, environmental issues and the like, I realised that not all the people who read this blog would agree with my views so I thought it best to separate them. Anyway please have a look and if you like what you see please follow me if not just read this one. 


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